Reverse Engineering

Help break down your product

to its basic elements and re-construct
it for improved design

Were you looking to have design changes for an assembly but don’t have the drawings for it? Were you thinking to change a vendor for manufacturing a part and realize that you don’t have the actual manufacturing drawings? Send us those parts and we will help you recreate your missing or old product with help of smart reverse engineering solutions.

Our excellent team of CAD engineers utilize precision laser scanners and CMMs to record the design information of complex geometries and develop manufacturing drawings to realize the final digital product prototype.
Here are some products for which we offer our reverse engineering services:

• Automotive Components & Investment Casting Components
• Injection-Moulded Parts
• Forged Parts
• Electronics-Based Consumer Products
• Point clouds to 3D CAD
• 3D Laser Scanning for products and plant layouts
• 3D Digital Modelling and Surface Analysis
• CMM Inspection and Analysis
• Product Redesign
• Computer-Aided Inspection & Verification

Industries that we have served had products range from medical devices to consumer electronics to industrial plants, machining tools, automotive and aerospace units.

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ZetaCADD offers professional CAD engineering services for Industrial Manufacturer and Architectural Millwork.
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